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Get New Milton Football Gear

Milton Gear

Milton Gear

New Milton gear is now available online!  We have developed a site, in partnership with Titan Team Sports, where you can get all your Milton apparel and accessories.  The designs and products are all new; many are new Under Armour products and every purchase you make benefits your Milton Eagles!  The designs and colors will change throughout the year so visit early and often, because we will be changing things up based on demand.

Here are the links:

Milton Football Gear  >>>  HERE  

Milton Gear  >>>   HERE

Game Pictures HERE

Game Day Pictures

Game Day Pictures

We will post photos from games as they are available.  These pictures are made available to view and download.

There will typically be a large number of pictures and they consume a lot of storage space, so visit early and often and download the pictures you want to keep.  Older pictures will need to be deleted to make room for new pictures.

HERE is the LINK